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I am a woman born during a time when Africa was rediscovering itself and striving to wring itself from the clutches of Europe, a time of political strife in a lot of countries in Africa, the year was 1978. By the time I became conscious of my being, the sun was rising on Africa. So I grew up in a relatively peaceful Africa.

My name is Bandie (Mbandi) Malebogo Rantao.

I have three wonderful children; Temana, Selemo and Seriti, two boys and a girl. This blog is dedicated to them. Everything I do, I do in their name. There is no greater motivation than to be able to give them the world, both literally and metaphorically. They are my biggest motivation, to rise above everything, pull my bootstraps and get to work. I want them to have a positive role model and be proud of their mother. I have a responsibility towards raising exceptional individuals, under any circumstance. So I have work to do.

I am a creative spirit; I appreciate art in all its forms; fine art, music, writing, singing, film, dance, craft etc. My naturally-given craft is writing. I've always loved to write and I get inspiration from everyday life. This is my first official blog. My political consciousness has driven me to be a socially responsible individual. I consider myself to be a social justice activist. Causes close to my heart include children's rights and their safety, women's rights and civil rights. My desire is to make a difference in anyway I can in my community and anywhere my servitude could be considered. I hope this platform will allow me to be of use to any socially worthy cause.

I am an active person; an avid hiker and a wanna-be marathon runner. One day is one day! 😉

I am from Botswana; lived and worked there and I now live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have been in Pennsylvania, U.S for a couple years now.

Bandie Rantao

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