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Wildflower Season, by Lepang Ferguson

Lepang is a communicator by nature, an effective communicator who started her career in visual communications twenty years ago as a Graphic Designer, which she embraced as a full time career for 18 years. She designed for television, the corporate sector, magazines and events, and ventured into Television as a news anchor, editor and producer. She has been involved in various aspects of the industry and She used her love for writing to manage editorials for news and current affairs segments over the years. She also managed social commentary and Public Relations as well as copy-writing projects for major publications. Great communicators, like Lepang Ferguson, know how to use their skills to connect with their audience. As people we consume information daily and repetitively by different sources. For the consumer its up to the way it is delivered that we choose to listen or pass. Lepang owns her space in that field and uses her talent and experience to engage her audience. Her latest project comes in the form of a book she just published; her first book, Wildflower Season.

Writing Wildflower Season, a novel, was a natural progression towards what she believes in. Although she believes it took her a long time to finally write a book, the book came at a time when the need to express herself felt like a matter of urgency, complemented by perfect timing. Wildflower Season will be out on the 5th of September. The book will be available on paperback and digital. Go to for pre-orders, and gifts!

Question and Answer with Lepang:

Lepang, what would you say to your 8 year old self?

Dream your biggest dream and go for it. 

What's the last thing (or some of the last things) you do before you go to bed?

I pray. That's all I do before sleeping.  But before then I have a cup of tea, and respond to messages and journal whatever is in my heart.

What do you feel most grateful about in your life?

I'm thankful for having faith.  For knowing I have God working it out, which gives me peace. I'm also very thankful for my awesome family. 

Name three people you wish to sit down to lunch with (dead or living)

Although I miss my grandfather so much, I think I'll treasure the memories and I'll stick to three living people; Priscilla Shirer, Dr Creflo Dollar and Tyler Perry. But that's an understatement too because there are so many people I wish I could list here. Three is not fair! 😂

What challenges do you wish to change for the next generation?

Young people underestimate the power of their own dreams and women underestimate their power. That's what I'm working on changing. There are so many layers and sides to this, but I'm here and passionately available to tackle these issues. 

Give us 2 random facts about you 😊 

I take my coffee black! No sugar, and no cream! 

I read song lyrics and movie subtitles.


Fidelia Bishop had left the assignment unfinished, although she played her part unreservedly by starting a movement that changed thousands of lives during her time. Only one person could fulfill the remainder of the assignment, her great-granddaughter, Selma. Selma had enjoyed every privilege that Fidelia had left her, except for the weight of her legacy and the gift she carried. Her awakening happened when her discovery collided with everything she was familiar with, opening her eyes to the reality that she was standing at the center of a crossroad that would change her life forever. Living in Charlotte had never held any significant value until she awakened to its relevance as the crossover for a great change that needed to take place and the seeds that Fidelia had planted in the South through her victories with the Wildflower movement, a legacy Selma needed to learn to carry.

Wildflower Season is a compelling story about destiny, divine connections, courage and awakening that is truly engrossed in a marvelous tale that is expressed throughout the book.

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