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Africa on fleek, on Netflix!

For the past five years or so, Netflix has been aggressively buying and streaming African shows and movies on their platform, and earning themselves a huge following from the African community. This created some of the highly rated shows on the streaming network. Netflix has a curated list of African movies and series on YouTube under the tag 'AfricaOnNetflix' for their trailers. On Netflix you will find some of the movies here. African productions can now compete on the world stage on both cinematic aspects and content. The exhilarating soundtracks of these shows are on point, they set the tone and match their locations. I love these shows!

Here are some of the latest shows. Catch them if you can! These films are not to be missed.

I finished the South African series Queen Sono, season one, in one sitting. It is gripping and exciting. Pearl Thusi delivers a stunning performance worthy of recognition. She plays the lead character of a highly trained spy, Queen Sono. This is Kagiso Lediga's second film to be featured on Netflix, after his debut film Catching Feelings. A definite addition to your watch list!

Set in Cape Town, South Africa, Blood And Water will get you gasping often at the twists and turns of the plot. This drama series about a high school kid who sets out to find her missing sister who was stolen at birth, is binge-worthy. The 6 episodes are each around 43 minutes on average, which makes for a good binge. The show's first season was such a success that Netflix renewed the series for a second season. Great news for the show's fans. Blood And Water is a must watch..

The Nigerian suspense thriller The Set Up is a must watch. It takes you into the deep dark world of crime; drug trafficking, sex-trafficking etc, through two women hired to be con-artists. Nollywood stars, Adesua Etomi and Dakore Akande are a power set. This film has a few plot twists along the way that could get confusing, but it is a suspense thriller after all. Don't sleep on this one, The Set Up is worth a watch!

The only one I picked that is older than a year, Isoken is cuteness overload. It will deliver the laughs with a twinge of drama. This romantic comedy is set in Nigeria and stars Dakore Akande as Isoken, a woman urged by her mother to find a man to settle down. It explores issues of cultural expectations, that any single woman in her 30s can relate to. It also explores racial stereotypes. Isoken is an enjoyable watch and definitely not to be missed.

Set in South Africa, this romantic comedy is packed full of laughs. Seriously Single follows the life of Dineo, a girl who wants to jump into another relationship, any, immediately after being dumped. Yet at the same time she can't stop herself from stalking her ex-boyfriend on social media. Meanwhile her lovable free-spirited, hot-mess of a best-friend urges her to embrace the single life. This comedy is a delight, catch it while it's hot. Seriously!

Do check for the latest Netflix African shows to binge on again on this page..

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